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ULSee is revolutionizing the way humans and computers interact, merging virtual and real worlds in ways never before accomplished. Our breakthrough products are making possible what was previously impossible--It's in our code. If you are ready to create something amazing or take your product to the next level, contact us today!

  • ULSee Plugin is now available on Unity

    Hello World, ULSee plugin is now available on Unity Asset Store. Welcome to join us to create a fantastic world with our high technology!

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  • Congratulation! ULSee won the champion of 2016 "Qiantang Star" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

    Congratulation! ULSee won the champion of 2016 "Qiantang Star" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

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  • Congratulations to our technical partner : LINE

    Japanese Messaging Company LINE went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) today in the biggiest tech IPO of 2016. LINE is a messaging platform used widely in Asia, and boasts over 200 million monthly users.

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  • Augmented Reality for Disney Blockbuster

    Alice Through the Looking Glass is the interactive AR (Augmented Reality) experience at the D23 EXPO 2015. Supported by ULSee face tracking technology, the ‘wonder mirror’ can transform anyone into an amazing character from the the Disney film. Pairing 3D elements and makeup effects with users’ face to create a true, real-time augmented transformation.

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  • Animated Lenses Come to the LINE Camera App

    ULSee's markerless facial tracking technology, which tracks 66 facial points in real time, allows companies like LINE to create fun and immersive products for their LINE camera app. Users can seamlessly apply a myriad of special effects, stickers and masks. What kind of products can we help you create?

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  • Savetrack

    Thanks to ULSee's breakthrough face tracking technology, companies like Savetrack™ are making the road a safer place by detecting driver facial gestures, expressions and eye movement to monitor fatigue and distraction. Information is then uploaded to the cloud for monitoring and analysis.

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  • Camera360 Adds Popular Features

    #1 ranked beauty camera app Camera360 employs ULSee technology to give users a host of incredible tools, including beautifying filters, stickers, augmented reality tools and much more. ULSee helps companies keep up with current consumer trends and what's hot.

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Our Products

The Go-To Face Tracker

ULSee face tracking technology is unrivaled in the industry, delivering real-time tracking of at least 66 facial points under even the most challenging lighting conditions.

Lifelike Augmented Reality

Combining face tracking and augmented reality technology, ULSee delivers an outstanding Virtual Try-On (VTO) experience.

Amazing Animated Face Masks

Combining face tracking technology and animated mask effects, ULSee can add accessories to your face, or transform your face altogether into whatever you wish--even a celebrity!

Cutting-Edge Deep-Learning

With massive amounts of algorithms, big data, and computational power, ULSee helps machines learn in real time with accuracy, and drives innovation in the Artificial Intelligence space.

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