As one of the most important disruptive technology in the era of the Internet of Things, computer vision and machine learning will bring about numerous innovations in human-computer interaction applications.

While bridging the gap between human and computers, artificial intelligence revolutionizes business models and changes the landscape in various industries.

Art & Entertainment

ULSee technology can be combined with computer animation to produce engaging and immersive products.

Marketing & Retail

ULSee face tracking provides a powerful toolkit for developers, opening the door to a wide range of applications, such as virtual try-on for glasses and make-up and more in real-time. Supported platforms include Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Linux.


Imagine never needing to memorize a password again. ULSee’s face detection technology can be employed in user-friendly security measure applications.



ULSee technology is key for taking the next step in robotic interaction. Our technology can be easily adapted for many platforms.


Automotive & Industrial Safety

ULSee can be used in distracted driving scenarios, such as warning systems that automatically alert inattentive or fatigued drivers.


Marketing Research

ULSee is a powerful tool for analyzing big data, and anything else you might want to find out.


Sound Processing

ULSee can enhance the user experience for users of all kinds of audio equipment.



ULSee can be applied in the global healthcare market for preventive medicine, physical therapy and occupational health.



ULSee face tracking provides a powerful toolkit for for developers of military security monitoring systems.


To be continued

Our innovation will never stop.