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When Capital and Enterprise Come Together, Society and Technology Prosper

Zhejiang acting governor Che Jun with the ZUIG team

On December 26, Vice Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee, acting Governor Che Jun, visited investment platform Zhejiang United Investment Group (ZUIG), along with Vice Governor Zhu Congjiu, Deputy Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Committee, and Mayor Zhang Hongming, amongst other officials and leaders of the provincial government. There, they also met with ULSee and watched the company’s demonstration of its latest software and technology.

As the largest shareholding investment institution in Zhejiang province, ZUIG is committed to promoting the industry’s transformation as well as investing in emerging industries. The platform has already completed more than 10 investment projects, including venture capital and private equity investments. As one of ZUIG’s private investments, ULSee is a computer vision company on the forefront of science and technology. The company’s Taiwan Research & Development (R&D) team has an extensive background in artificial intelligence and is focused on revolutionizing the way “machines understand the world.” Along with AI innovation, ULSee is a leader in face tracking, face recognition, and image detection, offering state-of-the-art algorithms across enterprises for a variety of applications. This is not only in line with the nation’s “on the road, along the way” strategy, but it also “achieves business transformation and upgrading” and “going out” overseas investment policy.

During the presentation, Nan Cuihui, chairman of the ZUIG board of directors, reported to Che and his team about updates at ZUIG and its shareholders. Later, Che watched ULSee’s demonstration showcasing its software and explaining in detail the company’s technology as well as its business model. Che’s interest spiked when he learned that ULSee’s “Face Recognition and Tracking Technology” project won first place in the 2016 Qiantang Star contest, and the company will be setting up a global R&D headquarters in Hangzhou.


ZUIG chairman Nan Cuihui reporting to Che and other leaders

After hearing about ULSee’s honor, Che eagerly asked, “can ULSee provide the best solution for security and surveillance monitoring using its face tracking and recognition technology?”


ULSee CTO Chris Yang demonstrating our technology 

ULSee replied. “We came to Zhejiang, home to the world’s largest hardware manufacturer and strong business collaborations, to develop better software application solutions.” The answer was met with warm applause.