ULSee AVM (Around View Monitoring) provides a panorama wide-angle video system, with 1280 x 720P million-color HD lens and Sony Star Night Vision chip which can monitor the surroundings of the vehicle without blind spot. 

Moreover, AVM system reduce the scratches when drivers park their cars and help reduce collisions and other traffic accidents which dramatically improves driver’s safety.

AI Watcher - Advanced driver-assistance systems

Dramatically lower the risks and take care of the drivers from both inside and outside the car!

AI Watcher can provide drivers lane departure warning and forward collision warning by facing camera. With the technology embedded algorithm offline detection & recognition, and ULSee face tracking technology, we can provide driver's identity verification and driver behavior analysis & warning including smoking, using phone, fatigue & drowsy situation.


Automobile Application Highlight

AVM_Narrow Road and vehicle cycle monitoring

Narrow, congested road easily caused vehicle collision, Ulsee AVM provides real-time 3D stereo image stitching, accurate real-time screen to ensure driving safety distance..

AVM_Reversing aid without blind spot

Unlike traditional 2D AVM coverage, UlSee AVM 360-degree detects vehicle around the body, to avoid rolling over the road pedestrian when reversing or articles.

AVM can apply to all kinds of vehicles

Whether it's a home car, a RV, a police patrol car, an ambulance, a bus, a school bus or big trucks, 3D AVM can be widely used in various models, through 360 degrees Safety monitoring of driving, for tens of millions of families to provide happiness security.

AI Watcher_Driver Monitoring

Ulsee face detection can track the drivers face features to confirm driver's identity even some part of the face is covered. By embedded algorithm offline detection & recognition, we can determine the driving behavior and status (identifiable eating, dialing, drowsiness, etc.)

AI Watcher_Facing camare

With the front camera( embedded algorithm offline detection & recognition) ULsee AI Watcher provides lane departure warning and forward collision warning.

AI Watcher adapts to various weather conditions

No matter it's sunny, raining or snowing, AI Watcher is available for all vehicle types and all weather conditions.



ULSee AVM Features

Panoramic Monitoring System

  • Excluding dead angle and blind point of view
  • 360-degree monitoring of the body surrounding environment
  • Replace the traditional rearview mirror with a camera, more user friendly
  • Moving and reversing the image of third-person stereo screen, real-time understanding of road conditions
  • Real-time 3D stereo image stitching 

High quality video recording

  • Maintain highly stable image information
  • 1280 x 720P million-painted HD lens 
  • Sony Star Night-Vision chip

Brightness Calibration

  • Fixed brightness measurement and balance visual light sense 
  • Improve the recognition rate of the lighting function in time 
  • Reduce image overlap and information interleaving

Correction of Fish-eye distortion

  • Improve image stability 
  • Real-time correction of visual distortion 
  • Rendering image real Distance sense


ULSee AI Watcher Features

Driving Monitoring

  • Identity Verification
  • Fatigue & Drowsy Warning System
  • Driver Behavior Analysis Warning System


  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning