ULSee is a market leader in the field of face tracking and face recognition with several intellectual properties and patents.

Our Face Tracking

ULSee Face Tracking technology is in a class all by itself.
With staggering accuracy and speed, it can track a total of 66 to 82 facial landmarks in real-time, including critical areas like the jawline. In addition, it continues to perform at peak levels even under suboptimal conditions with challenging factors such as occlusion, poor lighting, over-exposed backgrounds, rapid head movement, and varying skin tones.

ULSee Face Tracking technology works with standard cameras found in smartphones, tablets, laptops, webcams, and other personal electronic devices. No 3D camera or depth sensor is required. Our SDK is available on multiple operating platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux.


ULSee Face Tracking can be applied to:
  • Animation, Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Try-On (Eyewear, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Headpieces, Wigs)
  • Eye/Head Controlled Human Computer Interface 


Our Face Recognition

ULSee Face Recognition technology revolutionizes the industry and sets the standard for others to follow. When paired with ULSee, emerging technologies such as live-video registration, frontalization, deep-learning model and confidence-score analysis can achieve unparallelled levels of accuracy in any lighting condition or angle-even with occlusions.

ULSee Face Recognition technology also works with standard cameras found in personal electronic devices and does not require a 3D camera or depth sensor.


ULSee Face Recognition can be applied to:
  • Security/Surveillance
  • Payment Verification/Identification
  • Behavioral, Emotion Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction