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ULSee始终以计算机视觉技术为核心,专注于提供基于脸部AI应用的完整解决方案,涵盖图像增强、人脸感知、人体感知、环境感知、3D建模等多个计算机视觉的技术领域。同时,公司深耕垂直应用场景,全球范围内已与戴姆勒奔驰 、沃尔玛、优衣库、腾讯、京东等知名企业开展深度合作,主要应用场景包括智慧出行、智慧零售、智能安防等。     




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Even though SIGGRAPH 2017 is over, it’s still on our minds. As the world’s largest annual conference on computer graphics (hosted in sunny Los Angeles, no less), there were a slew of exciting and noteworthy players. Among the bracket of exhibitors at the event was Perception Neuron. As a leader in adaptable motion capture systems, they showcased the latest software from FaceRig – one of the best animation software out there today.

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AlphaGo Proves the Future of AI is Bright

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As algorithms have advanced, technology has gotten smarter. Case in point, last month in China, Google’s AlphaGo –AI specifically developed to tackle the ancient strategy game – defeated Go world champion, Ke Jie. In the three game series, AlphaGo beat the Chinese grandmaster by a slim margin. This isn’t the first time the revolutionary machine has proven its superiority in the game. In March in Seoul, South Korea, AlphaGo made history as the first machine to beat one of the world’s top players, Korean grandmaster Lee Sedol.

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Line / 騰訊 / 京東身後的超過10億人次使用的脸部跟踪技术智能公司




人生有多少个十年?”不知不觉的,iPhone 这改变人类文明发展的产品也陪伴了我们十年之久, 2017年末,号称“开启智慧手机下一个10年的”iPhone X在加州总部Apple Park举行新品发布会上,最受瞩目的iPhone X手机的演示过程中,苹果公司软件工程资深副总裁克雷格·费代里吉第一次展示其人脸识别功能“FaceID”居然没成功,虽然这次小小的 “突发事件”把苹果公司的股价“吓了一跳”,从163美元高点跌至159美元,但发布会后,所有科技、金融媒体、投资行业分析报告无不以“刷脸时代正式来临”作为各类开箱文的标题。

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ULSee and Holotech Studios Team Up for FaceRig's Animated 3D Avatars


Holotech Studio’s app, FaceRig, features new 3D animated characters using ULSee’s award-winning face tracking technology. The animation program lets you embody a bevy of characters with total freedom of face expressions and emotions in real time using only a web cam. Users can instantly record movies, web-chat, or stream their performance online even while playing games.

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