ULSee and Holotech Studios Team Up for FaceRig's Animated 3D Avatars


Holotech Studio’s app, FaceRig, features new 3D animated characters using ULSee’s award-winning face tracking technology. The animation program lets you embody a bevy of characters with total freedom of face expressions and emotions in real time using only a web cam. Users can instantly record movies, web-chat, or stream their performance online even while playing games.

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Even though SIGGRAPH 2017 is over, it’s still on our minds. As the world’s largest annual conference on computer graphics (hosted in sunny Los Angeles, no less), there were a slew of exciting and noteworthy players. Among the bracket of exhibitors at the event was Perception Neuron. As a leader in adaptable motion capture systems, they showcased the latest software from FaceRig – one of the best animation software out there today.

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AlphaGo Proves the Future of AI is Bright

Photo: Saran_Poroong/Thinkstock


As algorithms have advanced, technology has gotten smarter. Case in point, last month in China, Google’s AlphaGo –AI specifically developed to tackle the ancient strategy game – defeated Go world champion, Ke Jie. In the three game series, AlphaGo beat the Chinese grandmaster by a slim margin. This isn’t the first time the revolutionary machine has proven its superiority in the game. In March in Seoul, South Korea, AlphaGo made history as the first machine to beat one of the world’s top players, Korean grandmaster Lee Sedol.

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How ADAS Enable Road Safety

In honor of National Autonomous Vehicle Day, we wanted to highlight the technological innovations shaping the auto industry. Today, autonomous technology is declared as the future of transport. Automaker heavy hitters are investing billions in its development and even tech giants including Apple, Uber, and Baidu are trying to crack the code. But even though the race for self-driving cars is heating up, a reality where cars can operate sans driver is far from here. Like it or not, human drivers are still essential.

Fortunately, the ongoing advancement of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is significantly improving driver safety. Many automakers are integrating these tech systems into their vehicles. Take BMW’s Remote Control Parking, Tesla’s Autopilot system, Ford’s Evasive Steering Assist, or Range Rover’s adaptive cruise control. While it seems like the speed at which these systems are appearing on the market is accelerating, the products are aimed towards only a portion of drivers on the road. There’s a wide range of solutions for four-wheel cars, but what about large trucks, fleets, and public transport vehicles?

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When Capital and Enterprise Come Together, Society and Technology Prosper

Zhejiang acting governor Che Jun with the ZUIG team

On December 26, Vice Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee, acting Governor Che Jun, visited investment platform Zhejiang United Investment Group (ZUIG), along with Vice Governor Zhu Congjiu, Deputy Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Committee, and Mayor Zhang Hongming, amongst other officials and leaders of the provincial government. There, they also met with ULSee and watched the company’s demonstration of its latest software and technology.

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